XAMPP installation setup

I would like to share my setup using XAMPP and windows machine. To those beginners this might be helpful to you guys.

*Download the latest version of XAMPP at https://www.apachefriends.org/index.html

*Locate the htdocs folder in your XAMPP installation folder

*Delete the default files inside the htdocs folder and create a new folder

*Run the installation command inside the new folder you created

just in case you have no composer yet download it at https://getcomposer.org/

*Then in your XAMPP control panel click the Config button select the Apache(httpd.conf)

*Now point the DocumentRoot and <Directory to your project folder inside XAMPP

my httpd.conf
DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/htdocs/project-folder-name"

be sure to restart your XAMPP Apache when you change this file

*Don't forget to create your database
you can check the .env file inside your project folder for the database config


here i just use the root access for testing locally (do not use this in production)

That's all! :wink:


  • Thanks!

  • Is it possible to set up .htaccess without changing the document root inside XAMPP?
    I've modified the bundled one like this:
    RewriteBase /ProjectsFolder/atlantis-demo/

    but it's not working properly.
    Only the admin login and the admin dashboard link are working.
    all others routes redirects to

  • You have the rewritebase correct, and since the admin is working correctly I am guessing you will need to adjust apache document root.

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