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  • How can get the contact form to send as the user filling the forms and not from my email address?

  • Hi, there are a few ways to overload the recipient of the form ( you can check here - ) , and for each of the form fields you can select to be used as a reply-to address ( "use as reply-to address" checkbox). We do not have a mechanism to dynamically change the "from" address, wouldn't that be mail spoofing anyway?

  • I seen this, this does not solve the issue. When the emails are parsed by a support system or case management system the option mentioned here do not work.

    The Atlantis CMS Form Module is the first one that I have used that does not send email as the user filling out the form.

  • I see your point, we can look into that into an upcoming update. Please check back for an update sometime next week!

  • How do you find your experience with the rest of the system so far anyway?

  • So far so good, no issues with any other part yet, lol. Great system though I am liking it.

  • Several forms on our site stopped working properly. When the user "submits" he/she sees the spinning wheel instead of the confirmation message.

    We receive the submission on our side, but the user assumes that it didn't go through and continues to click "submit." Thus we end up with many redundant submissions.

  • This sounds like an issue with AJAX not finishing the request properly on time. You want to open the development console of the browser you use and see what is going on in terms of the request. It's more likely server issue than CMS.

  • Thanks a lot, Evgeni.

    Line 66 of the ajax_submit.js file seems to be the issue:
    var msgContainer = $(htmlPage).find('.msg-container#msg-' + id ).html();

    I reached out to the hosting company and they pointed to this article:

    I'm still a little unsure as to what the fix would be. I might try creating a post-submission landing page and pointing the form there to see if that does anything.

  • edited July 2019

    I just submitted a test contact form and it went in just fine. I will also recommend that you use Google Recaptcha. The module supports it. Check the menu on the right-hand side.

  • Thanks, Evgeni. I disabled the AJAX submission for now until I can fix.

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