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  • How can get the contact form to send as the user filling the forms and not from my email address?

  • Hi, there are a few ways to overload the recipient of the form ( you can check here - ) , and for each of the form fields you can select to be used as a reply-to address ( "use as reply-to address" checkbox). We do not have a mechanism to dynamically change the "from" address, wouldn't that be mail spoofing anyway?

  • I seen this, this does not solve the issue. When the emails are parsed by a support system or case management system the option mentioned here do not work.

    The Atlantis CMS Form Module is the first one that I have used that does not send email as the user filling out the form.

  • I see your point, we can look into that into an upcoming update. Please check back for an update sometime next week!

  • How do you find your experience with the rest of the system so far anyway?

  • So far so good, no issues with any other part yet, lol. Great system though I am liking it.

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